Protective Hand Wear in Skelmersdale

Protective Hand Wear in SkelmersdaleTrying to find suppliers of protective hand wear in Skelmersdale? You cannot take a risk working in hazardous conditions without protecting your hands as more than 90 percent of chemical exposure is absorbed through the skin. At Wipe-X we have been supplying the industry for over three decades enabling us to offer you the safest advice and services when it comes to choosing the right defence against dangerous substances. Our range of gloves are purpose made ensuring a comfortable, safe fit and with practical textured palm and finger grips. Natural rubber is used in our industrial gloves and all are Latex-free allowing your hands to breathe and reduce perspiration.

In Skelmersdale, protective hand wear offered by Wipe-X includes the correct type of garments allowing you to confidently complete your unsafe tasks. We take care in choosing our products for you, whether they are of the disposable type or are for heavy duty rigging and if they are for outdoor or indoor use. Feel free to contact us about the latest information about our business. We can inform you of the available colours and styles that will be best suited for your needs. Pay a visit to our shop and see the quality, well-known brands that we have on offer for you.

To ensure that you have the right protective hand wear in Skelmersdale, come to Wipe-X where we are proud that we can offer you a wide range of gloves, from thermal gloves to short-term disposables, from chemical gauntlets to Heavy Duty Canadian leather rigger gloves. We also carry a range of blue dot gloves that are made from PVC and have raised palm dots. We are proud of our competitive rates, excellent range of products, and knowledgeable and friendly staff. If you have any queries, or would like more information about our available protective hand wear, contact Wipe-X today.

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