Plastic Banding in Horwich

Plastic Banding in HorwichWhen you seek a wholesaler for plastic banding in Horwich, consider Wipe-X. Since Wipe-X is where you buy top quality cleaning products for your business use, you might not know they carry plastic banding as well. Wipe-X has been in business for thirty years supplying industrial strength and sized cleaning products for a broad range of business needs. You can order top name brand cleaning supplies and equipment that are ideal for all workplace needs. Wipe-X carries the Kemtec brand, which is suitable for multiple cleaning tasks. It is strong enough to clean the dirtiest floors, kitchens and baths but safe enough for dishes as well. Use Kemtec without fear of polluting because this product is biodegradable.

In Horwich, plastic banding from Wipe-X may be used to secure medium to heavy-duty packing tasks. Rather than use steel banding that is costlier and more difficult to work with, use plastic strapping for ease of use, cost effectiveness and reliability. Use it to secure large boxes so they do not come open during shipping. Or, strap a whole pallet of boxes with plastic strapping kits. Depending on the required strength, choose from smooth polyester plastic strapping, woven polyester cord and plastic strap with buckles. Wipe-X stocks a broad range of widths and lengths as well. Hand held strapping tools are available too and make the job of packing shipments easier and more secure. Combine the plastic banding with the strapping tool and you will know your shipment is secured and safe all the way to its destination.

You will find shipping time is shortened when you use plastic banding in Horwich. It is even possible to safely secure unequal sized packages or boxes with plastic strap for storing or shipping. All jobs are easier when you have the right tool for the job on hand. Wipe-X wants to make sure you have the right cleaning products and supplies to keep your place of business shining with the least amount of effort. Add to that the convenience of purchasing your plastic banding products and tools at the same place as your industrial cleaning supplies and it adds up to extraordinary customer service. Contact Wipe-X for more information about plastic banding.

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