Agricultural Oils in Formby

Agricultural Oils in FormbyWould you like to know more about agricultural oils in Formby as you are concerned about pest attacks on your farm or fields? Most of us may not have much knowledge or information about agricultural oils. These are very highly refined oils that are used for spraying to protect plants and crops from diseases and pest attacks. They may be used alone or in combination with certain types of fungicides and other appropriate disease repellent products to provide effective and long lasting protection against most of the microbial attacks that take place in plants. When such fungicides are used in combination with agricultural spray oils, they are much more effective. Agricultural oils are very safe, environmentally friendly and have a very low acute toxicity when used in the proper prescribed way.

In Formby, agricultural oils are particularly useful in the farming and agricultural areas around Formby and the Southport, Ormskirk and Liverpool areas, which are conducive to arable farming. Here, farmers can provide good sustainable protection to their products by using fungicides and organic pesticides conveyed through the medium of fine-spray agricultural oils. These oils are paraffin based and can remain on the leaves and stems of plants for a considerable period of time to combat disease causing microbes, but evaporate quickly enough to prevent damage to the plants themselves. Some agricultural oils are plant based themselves such as Neem oil. This oil is extracted from the leaves of the Neem (Azadirachta Indica) tree which has medicinal and antibiotic properties making it ideal for use as an agricultural pesticide. It is available in concentrate form and can be mixed with water to form a very effective emulsion against agricultural pests and microbes. In some places, agricultural oil emulsions are used to protect fruit trees from pests and fungi.

Reputed companies like Wipe-X offer a range of agricultural oils in Formby. These are available with your local stockists, agricultural supplies retailers and also suppliers of automotive consumables like Wipe-X. Ensure that you select the right type of agricultural oil for your requirements and also get the advice and instructions from the company’s qualified, trained and experienced staff who have previous experience in supplying these products. For more about agricultural oils, contact Wipe-X.

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