Washroom Supplies in Southport

Washroom Supplies in SouthportKeep your washroom supplies in Southport well-stocked with Wipe-X. With their extensive range of cleaning products you never have to worry about dirt or bacteria again. Whether you need regular or industrial-strength cleaners and detergents, Wipe-X can meet your needs. They also supply an assortment of cleaning tools as well as washroom products such as paper towels, hand soaps and trash receptacles. Make sure your washroom guests have everything they need and more with Wipe-X products. For the ultimate hygienic solution, use Wipe-X’s soap or paper towel dispensers in your washroom to reduce contact with bacteria for your guests.

In Southport, washroom supplies from Wipe-X come in a selection of non-branded or name brand products for you to choose from. Wipe-X recommends one of their top brands, Kemtec, for your all-purpose cleaning needs. Kemtec has cleaning products for home or business, and Wipe-X supplies their products in bulk for businesses that have larger areas that need to be kept hygienic. Kemtec products are biodegradable. Their Dishguard range is great for floors and hard surfaces and their power bleach will eradicate every last germ. Try out their pine disinfectant for floors, walls, paintwork, sinks, drains and toilets for both industrial-strength disinfecting as well as deodorising your washroom.

Wipe-X offers washroom supplies in Southport for any size washroom, be it domestic or commercial. Their cleaning products are ideal for hygiene and cleanliness and their washroom utility products, such as hand soaps and towels, leave the room looking and smelling lovely. Their hand cleaners are available as heavy-duty and scented variations. Disinfectant and bleach-based toilet cleaners are available in a large selection as well. Make your washroom a pleasant place to be with Wipe-X. For more information about washroom supplies, contact Wipe-X.

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