WD40 in Horwich

WD40 in HorwichDo you want to buy WD40 in Horwich? You can’t find better supplier than Wipe-X. WD40 is a multi-purpose solution that can protect metal from corrosion and rust, separate stuck parts, displace moisture and provide lubrication for pretty much anything. It is a very popular solution that sees as much use as duct tape. In Horwich, Wipe-X is a leading supplier of WD40. The company is based in Buscough, Lancashire, and it was established over 30 years ago. It is currently a leading provider of cleaning products, cleaning equipment and industrial cleaning supply for all business clients.

In Horwich, WD40 is provided by Wipe-X. At Wipe-X you’ll find products such as bags of wipers, washroom supplies, oils, lubricants, AD Blue, WD40, gloves, plastic banding, steel strapping, and Sonax to assist with all cleaning requirements. The company also offers the WD40 Specialist Motorbike range which has been specifically designed to be used on motorbikes. This range provides specialist solutions that can help mechanics tackle any problem a motorbike might have. The products included in this prange are: Clean, Total Wash, Brake Cleaner, Chain Cleaner, Lube, Chain Lube, Chain Wax, Protect, Wax & Polish and Silicone Shine. With these products at your disposal, keeping your motorbike looking good and running well is not an issue.

Pay Wipe-X a visit for many different types of WD40 in Horwich. The company is also the only retailer currently offering Sonax in the North West. Sonax is an extreme wheel cleaner, that is acid-free making it safe to use on all light alloy and steel wheels. When you’re faced with dirt, dust, oil or any other stain that just won’t go away, you want to use Sonax. Sonax also has a range of products that can be used for different parts and purposes. For example, the Sonax Polish+Wax not only cleans the car, but also adds a layer of protective wax, which prevents future stubborn stains. Contact Wipe-X today if you are looking for WD40.

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