Steel Banding in Southport

Steel Banding in SouthportSteel banding in Southport is needed if you need to transport goods.  If you are going to transport large quantities of goods, then you will need to comply with the regulations set out by the transport laws requiring companies to steel band their goods for transportation.  Wipe-X has a stock of steel banding designed to meet your needs.

In Southport, steel banding doesn’t require a special room with huge machinery.  A hand held model is available, and the most commonly used dispenser is the JK1219 Seal-less tool that straps and cuts at the same time.  This is a convenient option.  It also has a 3-year guarantee.  Steel banding your merchandise not only secures the goods in place, but will also ensure minimal breakage.   There are other options for strapping available, but steel strapping is stronger and more durable than those made of plastic. Steel banding is the better option, especially if the pallets the goods will be placed on can take quite a bit of weight.

Steel banding in Southport is affordable and remains the less expensive option to tie in bulk.  From 400mm dispensers and all the steel banding materials you might need, Wipe-X has the right product for you and will provide you with up to date information and advice.  You could cut down your packing time by more than half if you use the correct tool for the job.  Why not contact them to give you a very competitive quote for a steel banding machine.  It binds, seals, cuts and tucks the edges.  Other than steel banding, Wipe-X has other products on offer such as oils, lubricants, commercial and domestic cleaning products, Ad Blue, WD 40, plastic banding and Sonax products. If you would like more information about steel banding, contact Wipe-X.

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