Sonax in Rainford

Sonax in RainfordIf cleanliness is your top priority and you are looking for Sonax in Rainford, you might want to get in touch with Wipe-X, retailer of Sonax. It is effective on all kinds of steel and light alloy wheels. In other words, whatever type of car wheels you have, you can rest assured that with Sonax you will be able to have them shining and sparking as new in no time at all. Another thing in Sonax’s favour is its product range. It offers many specialised products, ensuring better cleanliness and value for money. Using Sonax extreme wheel cleaner, you can remove all kinds of dirt, even the most stubborn types like brake dust. Another reason why Sonax products are in such high demand is their overall outstanding finish. And of course, all Sonax cleaners are safe to use, giving you complete peace of mind  when you use them to clean your car’s wheels.

In Rainford, Sonax products can be purchased through Wipe-X, your local one-stop shop for all kinds of Sonax products as well as a range of other cleaning products. With over three decades of experience, Wipe-X can help you with your cleaning needs, and if need be, can guide you to the product that will best match your cleaning needs. When you choose Wipe-X, you can be assured of getting quality products at most reasonable prices as well as great customer service.

Sonax in Rainford is affordable at Wipe-X, the only retailer company offering Sonax products in the North West. Sonax is an acid-free, extreme cleaner used on light alloy and steel wheels. Thanks to a range of products Sonax offers, you are only minutes away from removing dirt from your wheels and other parts of your car. Some of Sonax products, like Sonax Polish+Wax are two-in-one. In addition to cleaning your car, the product adds a layer of protective wax on it, offering resilient protection from future stains. For more information about Sonax, contact Wipe-X.

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