Ad Blue in Horwich

Ad Blue in HorwichAre you looking for a company that provides Ad Blue in Horwich? A lot of people are unfamiliar with the Ad Blue product and its benefits. Ad Blue is typically used in diesel engines to reduce harmful emissions. It is classed as a diesel exhaust fluid and is becoming increasingly popular with people who own diesel powered vehicles. As the price of diesel is still lower than unleaded petrol, diesel cars are as popular as ever. Diesel is also much more efficient in terms of usage. You can power a vehicle for a lot longer and cover a greater distance using a diesel engine than a petrol engine. However, the advantages of reduced cost and efficiency come at a price. Diesel is much more harmful to the environment than regular unleaded petrol. As each and every one of us looks to reduce our own personal carbon footprint, using diesel can be problematic.

In Horwich, Ad Blue is extremely popular with haulage companies and other organisations involved in the transport sector. The UK government is placing much more emphasis on eco-friendly solutions. This means that companies in the transport sector have to look for ways to reduce their carbon footprint and protect the environment whilst at the same time retaining a healthy profit. Using Ad Blue as a diesel exhaust fluid can play an important role in doing just that.

So why should you choose to use Ad Blue in Horwich? Ad Blue reduces harmful emissions from the exhaust of a diesel powered vehicle. A diesel engine relies heavily on its ability to operate with a low burn to air ratio. This means that when the diesel is burnt, there will be a larger than normal percentage of oxygen released into the exhaust. This leads to the production on harmful mono-nitrogen oxides. These oxides are very harmful to the environment and a dangerous pollutant. Using Ad Blue as diesel exhaust fluid dramatically reduces the amount of mono-nitrogen oxides that are produced. For more information about Ad Blue products, contact Wipe-X.

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