Dispensers in Wigan

Dispensers in WiganWhen a customer encounters a bathroom dispenser in Wigan that is not working, they subconsciously, or maybe consciously, develop a negative reaction to your business. People are just like that. Your business may be friendly and helpful and have exactly what a person needs. Then, they go in the bathroom and find towel dispensers with the broken cover removed and towels stacked inside. The soap dispenser does not dispense with the first or even the second try. The toilet paper is sitting on top of the broken dispenser. That may be a problem. Isn’t there a rule about toilet paper in stalls being covered?  Think about it!  When those people emerge from your business bathroom, they are not going to look at you the same as before.

In Wigan, dispensers, cleaning supplies, and paper products from Wipe-X are supplied to businesses throughout the area.  Wipe-X supplies dispensers for soap, towels and bathroom tissues from leading manufacturers. These products are made to endure a lot of use. However, they do require replacement on a regular basis. The frequency depends on the level of use and unfortunately the level of abuse. Our securely mounted dispensers will aid in keeping a tidy looking bathroom. Wipe-X carries name brand hand cleaners and paper goods designed to work properly with the dispensers. They are all user friendly so guests do not have to struggle to operate them.

Wipe-X supplies dispensers in Wigan, the products to fill them and all industrial cleaning products to keep every area of your business clean and fresh smelling. We have been serving the business community with supplies for over thirty years. The business community has rewarded us with their loyalty. Our staff is knowledgeable about every product we supply. If you are not sure which product is best for the job, just ask them. Customer service is always our priority. We serve all industries including office buildings, the food service industry and health care facilities. Make a good impression on your clients and customers. Or at least refrain from making a negative impact, by keeping the premises clean and well stocked. Wipe-X can help. Contact Wipe-X for more about dispensers.

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