Oils and Lubricants in Bolton

Oils and lubricants in BoltonOils and lubricants in Bolton are available at Wipe-X, your place for products to keep your business premises clean.

Keep your machines clean running with hydraulic oils in containers sized to fit your usage needs. ISO grades 32 and 45 are available to provide anti-wear protection and prevent corrosion. If you have any equipment operated by an internal combustion engine, then pick up some of our high-quality engine oil to keep it running smoothly. We carry a supply of slide away oils to prevent stick-slip. At Wipe-X you can find industrial greases and heavy duty oils used in diesel commercial and agriculture engines. Buy in 1-litre size if that is all you need or up to 205 litres so you always have it on hand.

In Bolton, oils and lubricants are kept on hand for maintenance of machinery and motors for offices, shops, factories and other commercial enterprises. For over thirty years we have put our customers’ needs first. Therefore, if there is an oil or lubricant that you prefer and we do not currently stock, tell us. Most times we can begin to stock it for you. Running to one store for cleaning products, another for paper products and another for oils or lubricants should never be necessary. That is not our idea of a full-service business maintenance supplier. We want our customers to have the products they need for all facility sanitation, cleaning and maintenance in one stop. Your time is valuable and we respect that.

A big 30-litre bag of Wipe-X wipers is a handy addition to your order for oils and lubricants in Bolton. Sometimes you need real fabric instead of paper to get the job done with less mess and fuss. One product in the lubricant category that you never want to be without is WD-40. The blue and yellow cans are a mainstay in Mum’s kitchen, Dad’s garage, business offices, factories, warehouses and gloveboxes around the world. No supply closet is complete without it. Pick up a can of WD-40 for every area of your home and business. You will find the prices on all of our products are fair. We are always ready to help you choose the best product for the task. Contact Wipe-X for more information about oils and lubricants.

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