Steel Banding in Wigan

Steel Banding in WiganSteel banding in Wigan is also known as steel strapping. It is used for heavier packages. A load of bricks for example, or concrete blocks will be strapped in batches and then strapped to the truck. Steel strapping is normally used for bulky loads as opposed to plastic strapping which can stretch. Plastic strapping can also tear whereas steel strapping is far stronger. Crates can be strengthened by using steel straps around them. Delicate objects can be protected with soft packaging and then steel straps to ensure they do not get broken.

Wipe-X offers top quality steel banding. In Wigan, steel banding is something that can be used in every business. Consider storage of old documents which need to be kept for legal and financial reasons but in all likelihood will never be used. These can be compressed and strapped for easy packing and to stop them taking up much space. If one is going to invest in a strapping machine it is probably better to start with the strongest strapping as there may be uses for steel and plastic will not do. This way you can strap everything with no worry of having too weak a packaging strap. There are various methods of securing steel strapping and the type of machine used dictates the way the strap will be secured.

Steel banding in Wigan is not the only option one can look for in strapping.  Contact Wipe-X to find out more about their steel banding. However, there are a number of other types of strapping available. Polypropylene is one of the popular kinds of strapping although on heavier loads it can stretch approximately 50 %.  Polyester absorbs shocks best. Nylon strapping us mostly used in cold room applications. Corded and woven straps are joined with a buckle and can be re-used and is light and soft and are a safer option in certain circumstances. Paper strapping is used in the paper industry to bundle heaps together and does not need to be removed before further processing. Steel banding remains the strongest for heavy shipments that need more protection than other strapping can provide.

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