Protective Hand Wear in St Helens

Protective Hand Wear in St HelensThe number of commercial, industrial and medical industries that require protective hand wear in St Helens may be as high as 100%. Actually, it seems difficult to think of one business that does not use protective gloves in some area of their operation. You may think of Wipe-X as the company that has been supplying your commercial cleaning products for 30 years. However, we carry repeated use protective hand wear as well. Our disposable nitrile powder free gloves are a favorite in the medical profession. They are latex and powder free for those sensitive to or allergic to latex. They are also more resistant to harsh chemicals, cuts and abrasions. Plus, they are far more puncture resistant than latex. Our nitrile gloves are easy on and off and cause less sweating.

For industrial use consider our natural rubber latex free gloves with textured grip. For your industrial needs in St Helens, protective hand wear that is industrial strong is what you need. They are easy to work in because they have the textured palm and fingers for gripping. These are for the person that says he or she can’t work with gloves on. The secret here is getting multiple sizes so they fit well enabling employees to use the grips.  For good fit and grip, try our Dot gloves. They are made of comfortable absorbent cotton with gripping PVC dots on the palm. These are popular for warehouse work.

For heavy-duty protective hand wear in St Helens, our Canadian Leather rigger gloves offers strong protection. The durable leather protects against friction, heat, splinters and abrasions. Hands involved in heavy duty work need strong protection.  Bulk quantities are available for most protective gloves we carry at Wipe-X. Order up enough periodically for all employees so they never run short. It is a small investment in the safety and wellbeing of your employees and those they come into contact with daily. Contact Wipe-X for more information on our protective hand wear. Gloves are tools of the trade that help protect against injury. That means less down time for your employees and less profit loss for you the employer.  It is possible that in some settings the mandatory wearing of protective gloves by employees will result in lower insurance premiums for your company.

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