Charity Donation For Emily


A mother of a 12 year old daughter with a rare chromosome disorder has been blown away by the generosity of Wipe-x Automotive Consumables-who have agreed to pay a substantial final amount towards a new ‘hi tech’ wheelchair.

Carolyn Stokes’ daughter Emily, has the condition Trisomy 9q, which means that just part of her number 9 chromosome has been duplicated, with the condition generally affects Emily’s development and mobility.

At present, Emily is using a wheelchair that greatly restricts her movement in terms of where she can go and also the ease in which she can be lifted in and out, so a new ‘all terrain’ wheelchair was identified as the perfect solution.

Through kind-hearted members of the local community in and around Rufford, donations have come in which will significantly contribute to the £6k needed to purchase the award winning Trekinetic K-2, which has a lightweight carbon fibre Monocoque seat, offering unprecedented comfort and support, front propelling wheels for easier propulsion plus superb off-road ability and a dynamic braking system that gives ultimate control!

With the £6k target still to be reached, Wipe-x Automotive Consumables have kindly stepped in to offer the remainder of the money required (around £2.5k) so Emily can look forward to a modern wheelchair to replace her old traditional one.

Carolyn said: “We’ve had a trial of the Trekinetic K-2 and its made such a difference to our lives. We just couldn’t do the things we wanted to do with Emily with the old wheelchair, being restricted to where we go, so its going to make a massive difference to Emily’s life that we can do more things. We can even get Emily to step onto the new wheelchair where before we had to lift her in, which is such an improvement.”

She added: “The generosity of the local community has been unbelievable and we have to give a huge thank you to Wipe-x Automotive Consumables for stepping in and paying the remainder of the money needed.”

The new wheelchair should be ready for delivery in December. “A perfect Christmas present” Carolyn added.


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