Plastic Banding in Ormskirk

Plastic Banding in OrmskirkEvery business that delivers large quantities of products will need plastic banding in Ormskirk and if you are looking for quality banding as well as a dispenser, look no further.

At Wipe-X, we have a stock of quality plastic banding that will meet your various needs. These are specifically important to secure various types of loads before they are placed on a truck for delivery. Additionally, they are also useful if you are planning to keep your stock neat and organised by properly stacking them. There are many uses for plastic banding and strapping, and at Wipe-X, you will find all that you need to secure your products.

Plastic banding is a great alternative to steel banding. In Ormskirk, plastic banding is the most popular type of banding. It is also the least expensive of all strapping materials. Another advantage of plastic banding is that it is light and easy to apply and recycle. We provide plastic banding that is required by the Health & Safety Authorities in the transportation of heavy and abnormal loads. We can also provide a mobile dispenser for your plastic strapping. The dispenser is invaluable in helping avoid the strapping from becoming twisted and unmanageable.

Plastic banding in Ormskirk can save you both time and money. If you are interested in purchasing plastic banding, contact Wipe-X. We also have a large selection of cleaning products, industrial cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment for your business. If you need a product to keep your place of business clean, from name-brand cleaning detergents to paper towels, wipes and feather dusters, we can assist you. Our prices are competitive and should you need to find out more, feel free to contact us for a quote on plastic banding.

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