Protective Hand Wear in Litherland

Protective Hand Wear in LitherlandKeeping your staff supplied with the everyday necessities, including protective hand wear in Litherland, frees them up to be more productive. Going about your day and reaching for a needed item only to find an empty box is frustrating. Having designated employees to keep track of supplies of consumables is an efficient way to never run out. Wipe-X will work directly with that supply person and your regular orders will be filled and delivered on time. We supply cleaning products for all industries, not just automotive. Offices, warehouses, factories, hospitals and food services are just a few of many we are proud to call our customers. We have everything you need to clean and sanitize your place of business, including gloves.

Whatever your business, some areas if not all areas required gloves to be worn. Even if they are just for the cleaning crew in Litherland, protective hand wear is part of the job equipment. Food prep services in restaurants, schools, and cafeterias use a steady supply of protective hand wear. We can keep you supplied with powder and latex free gloves for easy on and off. We have the lightweight clear most food prep services prefer. Hospitals and medical offices use our latex and powder-free gloves because they do not cause sweating so they are more comfortable. Cleaning services use them to protect hands that are often in contact with harsh detergents.

Protective hand wear in Litherland is needed to protect against thermal burns and harmful temperature extremes. For that we have thermal hand protection. Rubber and super grip gloves for the wet stuff and heavy duty outdoor hand protection required on many job sites is all available at Wipe-X. We have been the primary supplier of on the job consumables for regional businesses for thirty years. Contact Wipe-X if you are looking for top quality and affordable protective hand wear. We promise we can supply you with any kind of protective hand wear. Tell us about your janitorial needs and bathroom supply requirements. We are your one stop for all cleaning and hand protection supplies. We think you will be pleased with our prices.

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