Nerta Cleaning Products in Manchester

Nerta cleaning products in ManchesterNerta cleaning products in Manchester are relatively new on the market. With the product being successfully used in over 50 countries worldwide we found their reputation as a gentle but efficient cleaner very well deserved. One of the most popular ranges is the vehicle cleaning detergents. These have been specially formulated to effectively remove the dirt but not harm the finish. There is a prewash to soften and lift the dirt from the car or truck and a foam to gently wash it off. A wax polish will protect the vehicle from weather damage once it has been cleaned. There is a wheel polish to give your vehicles that perfectly turned out look. The interior cleaner can be safely used on the inside of vehicles to remove dust and dirt.

When you need to keep your work place hygienic and clean in Manchester, Nerta cleaning products have the edge you need. The products cover a wide range of applications not only cleaning cars and trucks there is a range that has been formulated for removing grease and dirt from industrial machinery and heavy plant. This is safe to use on hydraulic equipment as it is gentle on the hydraulic components and will not damage them. There is an acidic solution which is used to remove rust and scale off metal. This is extremely useful where you need to clean the metal but not damage it. One of the more interesting products is for use on concrete mixers and trucks. This solution removes the concrete off the machines and trucks without damaging them.

Nerta cleaning products in Manchester are available at our shop. Contact Wipe – X today and learn of the many uses for the Nerta products. The cleaners are available in a number of different size containers from 25 litres to 1000 litres and few sizes in between. This is enough to suit any company from small fleets of vehicles to very large fleet owners. There is also a polish to keep your company vehicles shiny.

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