Protective Hand Wear in Rainford

Protective Hand Wear in RainfordProtective hand wear in Rainford is necessary in most factories.  Health and safety regulations demand that staff are protected from any harmful chemicals or irritants. Buying industrial quantities ensures that you always have stock on hand.  We have powder free and latex free gloves that are easy to put on and fit very comfortably.  Many workers use the excuse that the gloves are uncomfortable or make them sweat and so do not always follow protocol.  This can land the company in trouble if something goes wrong.  Our gloves reduce perspiration and are barely noticeable. Our industrial rubber gloves made from natural rubber are latex free and have textured palm and fingers to increase grip.

Whenever you need gloves in Rainford, protective hand wear comes in many different sizes and types.  PVC dot gloves are used extensively in construction and chemical work.  They are made of cotton and allow the hands to breathe while supplying the grip needed. They are very affordable and disposable but are much more durable than the rubber gloves although they are not liquid proof. We also offer the heavy duty Canadian leather rigger gloves which are ideal for any kind of work where the worker needs protection for the hands while holding or moving metal or other sharp materials.  These gloves are particularly durable and will last a long time.

Protective hand wear in Rainford is often required for health and safety reasons.  Contact Wipe-X today to purchase all your cleaning and safety materials at very affordable prices.  Our wide range of industrial and commercial products come in a range of different sizes to suit small, medium and large companies. If you are going to use a large quantity of a certain item, it is expensive to purchase small volumes and you can save by buying the product in industrial size containers.  We stock well-known brands as well as other more cost effective products. We have over 30 years of experience to help you choose the right product for the right job.

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