Plastic Banding in Leyland

Plastic Banding in LeylandPlastic banding in Leyland is affordable and strong. It is a light to medium duty strap that can be utilised in palletizing and bundling. We offer differing widths and thickness for different packaging.  It may be used to keep bundles of soft items together or to secure cardboard boxes.  It can also be used to hold bricks together on a pallet.  This type of strapping is often used in the food and drink industry where boxes of frozen food are dispatched to the retailers.  It is strong and will hold the package tightly but easy to remove when necessary.

When you need to secure a package in Leyland, plastic banding will hold the parcel closed. We supply the machines which apply the strapping.  These can be hand held or large strapping machines.  Some can automatically load or thread new coils of banding. On the larger machines there are free standing machines and table top banding machines. The hand tools come in automatic and manual models.  Where there is an infrequent amount of banding to be done we would advise the manual hand tool. The hand tools tension, seal and cut the banding and this negates the need for any other tools.  The units are very affordable and will suit any application. This is the best way to ensure your packing stays together no matter what.

Plastic banding in Leyland is supplied by our company that has been in business for over 30 years.  Contact wipe-X today and find all sorts of cleaning material and other items necessary to the running of your business.  We are perhaps best known for our wide range of cleaning products including bulk detergents and wipes as well as washroom supplies and oils and lubricants.  Our banding comes in two main types, plastic banding and steel banding or strapping. We also supply the machines and tools necessary for banding and cutting. We have trolley dispensers for ease of movement of the machines to allow you to use the products in different areas.

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