WD40 in Wigan

WD40 in WiganThere are a few things that are critical to daily life and WD40 in Wigan is one of those indispensable products. WD40 multi-purpose anti-corrosive has been a fixture in basements, under kitchen sinks, in garages and shelved in utility closets of commercial and industrial businesses longer than most of us have been alive. Where a squeaky hinge can be heard, a gear is stuck, a drive belt is dragging or a bicycle chain is rusty, someone is looking for the WD40. WD40 is not a lubricant. It often mimics a lubricant when, as a solvent, rust or sediment dissolves freeing up the works. We stock WD40 along with all our other cleaning and maintenance products. It’s part of the maintenance routine.

In addition to the regular blue and yellow, at Wipe-X we now carry WD40 Specially Formulated for Motorbikes. For both mechanics and riders in Wigan, WD40 Specialist lives up to the expectations set by the original. Did you ever wonder what the name, WD40, stands for? WD stands for Water Displacement. The 40 is included because the chemists attempts to formulate an anti-corrosive that would eliminate moisture from electrical circuitry succeeded on the fortieth try. That happened 64 years ago and new uses are still being found. The formula is still secret and few people care. They are just happy it works. Now, it’s also essential for the care and maintenance of motorbikes.

Buy it by the case or by the can, WD40 in Wigan is always in stock at Wipe-X. The product is used all over the world but you will find a great price right here along with our many other commercial cleaning supplies. Contact Wipe-X or visit us at our store in Burscough where we have been located for 30 years. Buy wholesale in quantity from us and save money. You can call in an order of WD40 for local delivery. However you might want to add to your quantity because there are hundreds of uses for this miracle formula. It removes crayon from just about anything, gets rid of water spots, eliminates static on volume and tuning control knobs, prevents snow from sticking to shovels, removes adhesive labels, shines copper and brass, cleans mildew from the refrigerator gasket and hundreds more. It is the number one preventative for rust.

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