Engine Oils in Formby

Engine Oils in FormbyEngine oils in Formby are chosen carefully by car owners because they know that motor oils are designed for different purposes. You would be wise to understand viscosity and oil additives as well as classification codes. You want to be sure that you select engine oils which will keep your engine corrosion-free, clean and cool. At Wipe-X, we’ve been providing industrial cleaning supplies and equipment as well as engine oils for more than 30 years. We’re based in Lancashire and can provide you with a host of fantastic cleaning products and industrial cleaning supplies from leading brands.

At Wipe-X, we understand that DIYers want to top their engine’s oil levels up themselves, and we make sure that we have a good range available and at all kinds of prices. In Formby, engine oils from us include the likes of slideway oils, hydraulic oils, agricultural and commercial oils and in different sizes such as 1 litre, 5 litre, 25 litre and 205 litre bottles. Apart from our excellent cleaning products, we have many customers looking for quality oils, and to this end, we’ve invested in stocking a good selection of high quality oils. What we don’t have for you, we try our level best to find it for you.

When it comes to engine oils in Formby, our customers know that they can always get the 3 main types of engine oils from us – synthetic, semi-synthetic and mineral. Mineral oil is always the cheapest while synthetic oil is more costly because it is the oil that helps with reducing fuel consumption. Why not look at what we can offer you in terms of engine oils? Vehicle consumables play an important role in a motorcycle or car’s proper functioning, and we’ve got a good affordable consumable selection which includes vehicle oils and cleaning products to offer you. Contact Wipe-X today for more information about engine oils.

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