Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners in Wigan

Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners in WiganHeavy duty hand cleaners in Wigan play an important role since they provide businesses with high end cleaning services. Wipe-X is a leading provider of industrial cleaning products, supplies and equipment. Based in Burscough, Lancashire, the company has been in business for more than 30 years. We are always proud to provide our clients with a wide array of cleaning supplies needed to maintain high hygiene standards at your business premises. This includes name brand cleaning agents, wipes, feather dusters, and even paper towels. Since we started out, we have been dedicated towards ensuring that our clients’ health and hygiene needs are met.

In Wigan, heavy duty hand cleaners are known for high quality and high performance. We certainly lives up to this reputation by providing the best industrial detergents and cleaning products on the market. For years, we have been offering Kemtec industrial cleaning supplies since they can be used on hard surfaces and floors. Besides this, the detergents can also be used for dishwashing purposes. We also have a variety of wipers that can suitably be used for various purposes. To guarantee quality, we ensure that each 30 litre batch of wipers gets hand filtered. We similarly have a wide range of washroom supplies including paper products for kitchens and washrooms, dispensers for paper products, perfumed hand liquids and soaps, and all types of toilet cleaners including disinfectants and bleaching agents.

Heavy duty hand cleaners in Wigan serve both private businesses and large industrial plants. Our employees are always willing to fulfill all your cleaning supply needs. To diversify our product portfolio, we recently started supplying domestic cleaning products and Nerta Vehicle Cleaning solutions. Our domestic cleaning solutions include various types of gloves, which we sell at competitive prices. We supply Nerta vehicle cleaning and hygiene products, and high quality oils and lubricants. We also supply hydraulic oils, engine oils, slideway oils, and commercial and agricultural oils. Even if you cannot find the product you want on our shelves, we will endeavour to find it for you. Contact Wipe-X if you are in need of heavy duty hand cleaners or other cleaning products or supplies.

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