Sonax in Southport

Sonax in SouthportAre you looking to buy large quantities of Sonax in Southport? Sonax is a well-known brand that is extremely popular for cleaning and polishing all types of vehicles. As a high quality automotive cleaning product, it is widely used by car enthusiasts around the world. Ideal for glass, paintwork and chrome, it promises a thorough clean and polish. Sonax has also recently introduced a new product called SONAX AntiFreeze & Clear View Ice Fresh winter windscreen cleaner. This has proved useful for effectively cleaning windscreens.

Why not give your car a thoroughly clean and polish? In Southport, Sonax is available from Wipe-X. Dirty windows can pose significant safety risk to drivers and using quality products will decrease or completely remove that risk. This special windscreen cleaner will remove any dirt without leaving any types of streaks. In addition to this, it provides a clear vision and it can be used both in winter and summer. Another product that Sonax offers its customers is a wheel cleaner. This is perfect to remove dirt, grime and grease from wheel rims. These residues can affect the tyres of any vehicle, and can, over time damage the wheels.

Once you have used Sonax in Southport, you will be hesitant to use another cleaning product for your car. If you would like to use Sonax, or require more information, contact Wippe-X. We provide a range of cleaning products, industrial cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment to businesses and domestic customers, and have done so for over 30 years. We are the sole distributor of Sonax in the Northwest area, and we can guarantee an excellent service with good quality affordable products. Keep the interior and the exterior of your car in a perfectly clean condition and use Sonax from Wipe-X.

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