Ad Blue in Skelmersdale

Ad Blue in SkelmersdaleLooking for Ad Blue in Skelmersdale? As the awareness for environmental issues grows, many vehicle manufacturers are trying to reduce the impact of harmful emission by using Ad Blue. This is an additive developed specifically for the vehicle and motor industry. It is added to diesel engines in order to reduce toxic mono-nitrogen emissions. A special tank is required to carry Ad Blue which is later transferred. This chemical agent converts toxic mono-nitrogen from diesel vehicles into water vapor and nitrogen. Adding Ad Blue to your fuel does not affect the engine or its output. Ad Blue is a legal requirement in public modes of transport and trucks manufactured after 2005. Although diesel engine vehicle are not legally required to use Ad Blue, many vehicle owners are opting to do so. The amount of Ad Blue will depend on the model of the vehicle, the amount used and mileage.

For vehicle owners in Skelmersdale, Ad Blue may be purchased from Wipe-X. Our company specialises in supplying industrial cleaning supplies, cleaning equipment and cleaning products to businesses. We are proud to offer our customers a wide selection of products-from name brand items to old-fashioned dusters. We have an unparalleled selection of top quality industrial and general cleaners. Nerta, WD 40 and Afco are just some of the brands that we supply. Most of our cleaning supplies are produced and packaged in large sizes. This is an ideal purchase if you’re looking to save money. Best of all, many of our industrial cleaners are biodegradable as well. Similarly, we also carry fuel additives to support low emissions. We can provide quantities as little as 5 liters up to 1000 litres.

Do your part for the environment and add Ad Blue in Skelmersdale in your diesel vehicle. Give Wipe-X a call today to learn more about this exciting product. Purchase from us and take advantage of huge discounts.Some of our other product offerings include steel strapping and plastic branding, gloves, catering cleaning supplies and washroom supplies.

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