Heavy Duty Hand Cleaners in Preston

heavy duty hand cleaners in PrestonWhen you think of heavy duty hand cleaners in Preston, you probably think about that reality show where people come to your home in white overalls and massive cleaning supplies. We are a bit like that. Here at Wipe-X, we offer all kinds of cleaning products and equipment. We can solve anything from a mild food spill to the kind of dirt that requires industrial bleach. And we’ve been doing this for more than 30 years, so there isn’t a stain we can’t destroy. Our offerings are suitable for all cleaning emergencies. If you’re simply looking for effective cleaning supplies, we have everything from branded detergents to biodegradable industrial products. We also supply wipes, gloves, washroom products, and much more.

Cleaning products aren’t our only business offering. We also specialise in automotive consumables. In Preston, heavy duty hand cleaners sit side by side with oils, lubricants, plastic bands, steel banding, WD40, Ad Blue, and many other products. Another of our specialties is cleaning implements for catering outfits. Pubs, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and other high traffic facilities tend to build up heavy duty grease damage. For their specific needs, we have beer line cleaners and a commercial grease pack for oil vats and drains. We also have the basics, like cling film, grease-proof paper, antibacterial cleaners, glass wash, dish washing fluid, oven tablets, and aprons.

Keeping your space pristine isn’t restricted to heavy duty cleaners in Preston. Sometimes, you need something a little more unconventional to get rid of tricky stains. We have helpful extras like baby oil, perfumed polish, and J cloths. In addition to commercial kitchens, automotive supplies, and large scale kitchens, we also provide supplies for washrooms. From paper towels and hand wash to toilet cleaners and dispensers, we have it covered. We have an affordable delivery service, so we can bring your order straight to you, if that’s what you prefer. We’d love to help you out with all matters related to cleanliness, soap, and automotive lubricant, so feel free to give us a call and let’s make everything sparkle.

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