Washroom Supplies in Leyland

washroom supplies in LeylandWe provide high quality washroom supplies in Leyland for your workplace bathrooms. We know that hygiene is an important aspect in everybody’s life. We specialise in sourcing quality products and supplying same to our clients. Commercial clients searching for heavy duty items such as hand soaps, paper dispensers, toilet paper rolls, perfumed hand soaps and liquids, disinfectants, and bleach can speak to us.

It is of utmost importance to maintain a clean and fresh facility for your employees and guests. In Leyland, washroom supplies can be purchased in bulk, ensuring that the provisions will not run low. Our washroom supplies will help you maintain a clean and hygienic washroom by equipping your janitorial team with the right supplies and fitting the stalls with the necessary products. You will find everything you need here at Wipe-X to make your guests feel welcomed while they are in your establishment. Provide them with soap to properly wash their hands and get rid of any harmful germs. To make your washrooms smell nice and fight foul odours, talk to us regarding deodorisers and urinal screens. We carry a large selection of washroom products that are essential in maintaining a good hygiene and ensuring that the facilities are clean and fresh.

It’s always better to stock up on washroom supplies in Leyland than be taken by surprise and run out of crucial items. Contact wipe-X today if you would like to order washroom supplies. We provide different brand names as well as generic products, all of which are designed to keep your washroom clean, smelling good and hygienic. For the past 30 years we have supplied our many clients with a selection of cleaning products, industrial cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment. Our range includes everything you need to keep your business premises clean. We also have a range of high quality oils and lubricants, steel and plastic banding, Ad Blue, WD40, and Nerta. For all your cleaning supply needs, be sure to speak to Wipe-X.

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