WD40 in Seaforth

WD40 in SeaforthWhen you need an effective multi-purpose lubricant, get WD40 in Seaforth from Wipe-X. Invented in 1953, uses for this amazing product are still being discovered by people all over the world. Wipe-X have been in the business of providing top quality cleaning products, industrial cleaning supplies and industrial cleaning equipment to businesses for more than three decades. Our range of cleaning products extends from branded cleaning agents to paper towels, cleaning wipes, feather dusters and much more. When your priority is health, hygiene and keeping your premises and valuable equipment in the best possible condition, we provide the right advice and assistance.

Some of the products we stock are internationally reputed brands, while others are lesser known domestic ones, but equally effective and high-quality. In Seaforth, WD40 is one of the great globally renowned products that has been in use for more than 60 years in garages all over the world. This product has a colorful and interesting history. The formula was kept a trade secret and never patented by the person who is supposed to have invented it. The name itself was apparently derived from “Water Displacement” and the 40 represents the 40th time that the inventor attempted to create the product and finally met with success! It was most effectively used by leading airlines for regular maintenance and overhaul. Soon, the household uses became so popular that it was made available in the retail sector.

Today, the uses for WD40 in Seaforth and all over the world make it one of the most versatile and must-have products in every home. It can be used to remove grime and dust, loosen jammed screws, remove grease and oil stains from your clothes, soften baseball gloves, remove crayon scribblings from walls and many more things. Contact Wipe-X today if you are looking for WD40. At Wipe-X the WD40 Specialist Motorbike Range has been specifically formulated to provide riders with an all-purpose cleaner. It can be used as a brake cleaner, chain lube and protects your bike’s paint against rust, aging and cracking. It can also give your tyres a fabulous silicone shine that prevents rubber from drying up and cracking

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