Domestic Cleaning Products in Bolton

Domestic Cleaning Products in BoltonWipe-X offers you a broad range of domestic cleaning products in Bolton. Our impressive range is offered at competitive prices that are guaranteed to compare very well to prices on the high street. A one-stop solution, you can buy single or bulk products to ensure your home is kept spotlessly clean and germ-free. Offering everything from name-branded cleaning products, to disposable wipes, paper towels and feather dusters, we have been supplying cleaning products for over 30 years.

You want to protect your family and yourself by ensuring that your home is germ-free, and in Bolton, domestic cleaning products that will ensure a high level of cleanliness are available at Wipe-X.  Cost effective and practical, you can purchase from a wide range of products, including a firm favourite and top brand – Kemtech Dishguard and Kemtech Dishguard Plus which not only ensures that your dishes are sparkling clean, but can also be used as a general cleaner for floors and hard surfaces.  One of the many multi-purpose products available that cuts costs! The same brand also offers thick bleach disinfectant and deodoriser for toilets drains, sinks and other surfaces. In addition, you can find various hand gloves in-store to protect your hands while cleaning to protect your hands from the drying effects of water and cleaning agents.

From the inside to the outside of your home domestic cleaning products in Bolton are readily available in a wide range from Wipe-X. Many different types of wipers are stocked, be it to clean glass, floors, metals or wooden surfaces. Buy paper towels for kitchen and bathroom, toilet paper and perfumed hand soaps and liquids. For more information about our domestic cleaning products, contact Wipe-X. Products for outside your house include soft and hard brooms, mops, various brushes and products to wash your car, windows and drains. If you need assistance with best product choices you can count on the professional manner and expert knowledge of our sales team to advise you on your requirements swiftly and effectively.  Why not stop in today to ensure a germ-free home, inside and out?

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