Steel Banding in Rainford

Steel Banding in RainfordWe supply steel banding in Rainford for all your packing needs. This is also known as bundling or strapping and is used in the packaging industry and in many other factories that require items to be held together, reinforced or stabilised. The steel banding is used for heavy duty hold where high strength and minimal stretch is required. This can be for any number of products where you need them to be transported safely to a customer. It is frequently used to attach goods to pallets and crates. It is also extensively used to reinforce wooden boxes.

If you need to make sure your goods can travel safely in a protected box, you require a sturdy packaging material and fastener. In Rainford, steel banding can give your parcels the strength and protection they need. We not only supply steel and plastic banding but the machines and tools that are used with it. There are health and safety regulations that require certain goods to be efficiently strapped. Some of this is in the transportation of heavy and abnormal loads. To make things easy for you, we also have trolley dispensers that make moving the machine and banding easy. You can move it to anywhere on your premises that it is needed.

If you need secure packages, use steel banding in Rainford. Contact Wipe-X today and order your steel or plastic banding. We have been providing products for industry for over 30 years. Along with our banding and strapping we supply all the cleaning supplies a business or factory will need. This includes soaps and solvent as well as the brooms, mops and brushes needed to apply the cleaning products. We offer a wide range of cleaning products in various size containers so that you can buy as little or as much as you need. We have name brand items like Nerta which is one of the best known brands in the hygiene and professional cleaning industry.

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