Protective Hand Wear in Seaforth

Protective Hand Wear in SeaforthYour staff will need protective hand wear in Seaforth when carrying out certain tasks. As a manager or owner of a company it is your responsibility to protect your staff from injury. We have a wide selection of gloves to protect workers from all sorts of chemicals and injury. The gloves protect the hand from anything the bare skin should not come into contact with. Health care professionals use gloves to avoid contamination of patients. Heavier gauge gloves are used to prevent abrasion to hands during manual work where the wearer would be prone to friction damage to the hands.

To ensure your company meets the Health and Safety standards in Seaforth, protective hand wear is often required for staff.  Gloves are made from many materials and have been designed for specific uses. Latex, rubber and neoprene gloves are normally used where the wearer is using chemicals which could cause damage to sensitive hands. They are also used in conjunction with chemical cleaning products. Many of these cleaning products use caustic or acidic chemicals and gloves are useful to stop the skin coming into contact with them. The light gloves are flexible and allow the worker to feel the items they are cleaning or working with through the glove material. Heavier gloves are made to protect the hands from injury during construction or engineering work. These prevent abrasions and scratches to the workers hands.

Among many other products we supply protective hand wear in Seaforth. Contact Wipe-X today and add gloves to your weekly or monthly order. We have disposable gloves for light protection and heavier work gloves for more manual work.  As our customers are aware we can supply all cleaning products for any company. These include rags and wipes made from many materials including towelling, cotton and sheeting. We also supply paper towels and many bathroom cleaners and soaps to ensure the staff and customer bathrooms are sparkling clean and hygienic. Our soap and liquid dispensers are perfectly designed to be attractive and practical. We supply cleaning products to catering companies, hospitals and schools that need to ensure that their utensils and work surfaces are free of anything which could cause illness.

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