Engine Oils in Preston

Engine Oils in PrestonWhen you stock a supply of engine oils in Preston, the engines that power motor driven equipment on site will likely receive more frequent lubrication. That’s just how we are. If the oil is sitting there ready to use, we’ll do what we know needs to be done. When we have to make a special trip to get the oil, we might delay the needed engine maintenance. If you have a particular oil you prefer, let us know at Wipe-X.  We may stock it but if we don’t, we can still get it for you so you have a good supply on hand. Cars, trucks and all motor-driven equipment needs lubrication to prevent friction on metal parts that cause wear and damage. The right oil in the right amount at the right time will extend the life of your engines while it maintains a smooth running engine.

At Wipe-X, we have been supplying businesses, factories and shops with quality products for over 30 years. For business owners and managers in Preston, engine oils bought in bulk can save you time and money when you buy from us. Choose the size from 1 litre to 205 litre based on frequency of use. Motorcycle shops, mechanics, trucking companies and car care centres can order direct through Wipe-X. You may want several bags of our 100% cotton workshop wipers along with your engine oil. A supply of our heavy duty hand cleaner and hand protection gloves are helpful as well.  Depending on your needs, place a one off order or schedule regular service. We have the products you need for reliable cleaning and hygiene to keep the premises safe and sparkling clean.

We carry other lubricants at Wipe-X besides engine oils in Preston. Check with us for your preferred hydraulic oil, greases and oils used for commercial and agricultural equipment. Keeping your supply room stocked with the products you need to run your business effectively and at the lowest possible price is our goal. We are a friendly supplier you can count on. Contact Wipe-X for all your engine oil needs and the companion products that make your work day easier. The dependable products you need at hand to work efficiently, keep equipment humming along and leave the place clean are found at Wipe-X.

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