WD40 in Parbold

WD40 in ParboldWipe-X can provide you with the right product like WD40 in Parbold when you need a multi-purpose lubricant. We have been in the business of supplying a wide range of cleaning products for the last three decades. Our focus is to help our clients to keep their premises as squeaky-clean as possible, with equal attention paid to  health and safety. We stock the entire range of products – from big-name brands in detergents and cleaners to wipes, paper towels and  evergreen old favorites like mops and feather dusters. Your business’s health and hygiene needs are paramount for us. WD40 is a top-quality, all-in-one lubricant that can help you eliminate rust and grease, help to loosen tight joints, bolts, screws and rivets and keep those inaccessible corners dust and grime free.

WD40 has may uses. In Parbold, WD40 is a staple in most garages, homes, mechanic shops, engineering products manufacturers, sales and service companies. The product was invented more than six decades ago, by Norm Larsen, who was trying to create a product to tackle de-greasing and add rust-prevention in the aerospace industry. He tried and failed many times. The product which he called “Water Displacement” was finally the right one after 39 unsuccessful attempts. Hence the name WD40. Today it is used for a variety of household and commercial cleaning tasks. Popular myth says it can remove bubble-gum from the underside of your shoes or cure arthritis – but that’s carrying it a bit too far! Practical uses of WD40 include removing grease and oil stains from clothes, loosening jammed screws, soften basketball-gloves and removing crayon-scribblings by toddlers on the walls.

Wipe-X offers variants of WD40 in Parbold, like the WD40 Specialist Motor-bike range which can be used as a multi-purpose cleaner for your bike. It’s great as a brake cleaner, protects paint against rust, cracking and aging and is an excellent chain lube. Just spray your wheels with WD40 Specialist Motor-bike and you’ve got additional protection against cracking and drying. Contact Wipe-X for more information about WD40. Since it was first invented, WD40 has undergone several cosmetic changes in the way it has been packaged and branded.


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