Dispensers in Southport

Dispensers in SouthportIf you need dispensers in Southport for your work premises, Wipe-X has a range of affordable products on offer. For both the kitchen and the bathroom, paper towel dispensers are handy and necessary. They are designed to ensure there is no wastage, and will keep the paper products safe and dry. These often overlooked items help keep your work place’s bathroom and kitchen clean and neat.

A busy work premises needs cleaning materials. In Southport, dispensers are just one of the many cleaning and hygiene products on offer. We have a comprehensive range of cleaning supplies – from hand soap, paper towels, and name brand cleaning detergents and more – we have everything you need to keep your workplace sparkling clean. We have been providing cleaning products and cleaning equipment to all our domestic and commercial clients for over 30 years. We are proud to continue with our excellent service, quality and affordable prices. One of the top brands we offer is Kemtec. Their products include a variety of industrial cleaning supplies, such as Kemtec’s Dishguard and Dishguard Lemon Plus. These are good all-round general detergents, and can be used as a general cleaner for floors and hard surfaces, as well as a dishwashing solution.

To keep your workplace’s bathrooms neat and tidy, dispensers in Southport are a necessity. If you would like to find out more about the available range of dispensers we have on offer, please contact Wipe-X. To complete your washroom’s hygiene items, why not consider our perfumed hand soaps and liquids? We can also provide the paper towels for the dispensers. Our commercial cleaning products will keep your workplace’s washroom spotlessly clean and smelling fresh. Choose from a large selection of toilet cleaners and bleach, as well as heavy duty hand cleaners. Once you place your order, we can ensure that it is speedily delivered to you. Let Wipe-X products keep your workplace clean and hygienic.

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