Washroom Supplies in Orrell

Washroom Supplies in OrrellKeep workplace washroom supplies in Orrell stocked for your place of business by buying direct from Wipe-X. We have been in the same location for over thirty years supplying all businesses with cleaning supplies that are safe, effective and easy on the budget. Whether your washrooms are for employees only or made available for customers, you have an obligation to provide sanitary conditions and adequate supplies. When you enter the washroom of an establishment isn’t your opinion of that business raised when washrooms are sparkling clean? Clean washrooms make a statement and Wipe-X is here to make it easy for you. We have everything you need from sanitising cleaning products, scrub brushes, rubber gloves, mops and buckets.

Clean floors, walls, fixtures, doors and door handles need daily attention to avoid germs that make people sick. However, in Orrell, washroom supplies for use by staff and guests need frequent replacement so it’s good to buy from us in bulk. We can keep a running order for you so you never run out. It just takes a phone call. For your hard working factory or automotive staff we have brand name and unbranded heavy duty hand cleaners that remove the grime while being kind to your skin. For most other washrooms used by staff and guests a perfumed skin softening soap is preferred. Add to that air fresheners and shiny clean tiles, fixtures and floors and your establishment will prove they know how to treat staff and guests with consideration.

At Wipe-X, we have all the paper products to keep your washroom supplies in Orrell stocked. Our dispensers prevent excessive waste and help keep the washroom tidy. Plenty of waste receptacles, which we stock, will help keep the washroom area clear of used paper products. Contact us for all your washroom supplies and don’t forget to add a bag of our cleaning wipers and protective hand gloves. Place an order and we’ll get it right out to you or set up a standing order. We take customer service seriously. We understand when you are running a business having the supplies you need when you need them relieves unnecessary stress.

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