Sonax in Seaforth

Sonax in SeaforthWith cleaning products from Sonax in Seaforth you can give your car that brilliant Formula One shine. At Wipe-X, we’re proud to stock international brands from around the world to tackle all your cleaning needs. We have been providing commercial cleaning products, industrial cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment to our customers in and around Lancashire for more than three decades. Our extensive range of products and supplies include all you may need to ensure 100% cleanliness and hygiene in your work-place. From branded cleansers, paper towels and wipes to feather dusters and mops – we have them all in stock. We also have a great inventory in domestic cleaning products and vehicle cleaning products, available at very attractive rates.

For car owners in Seaforth, Sonax products bring you the best of German technology. An iconic European brand with more than half a century’s reputation for premium quality, effectiveness and affordability, Sonax car care products are among the best in the world. The company started operations making silver polish from carefully prepared fine minerals and slowly diversified into creating top-quality car polishes. Today, their range includes car waxes, interior and exterior cleansers, tyre gels, paint cleaners and automobile shampoos. Sonax is in constant collaboration with major auto makers around the world to develop top of the range car care products that last longer, shine brighter and perform better.

Using products made by Sonax in Seaforth means that you’re dealing with products that have been thoroughly researched and developed keeping eco-friendly priorities in mind. When you are looking for Sonax, contact Wipe-X. Sonax was one of the first auto care products manufacturing companies that put vast effort into creating an environmentally responsible product range. It is also on the leading edge of creating nanotechnology based cleaning products. This technology harnesses the amazing power of nanoparticles which may either bond with grease and grime and remove them easily, or react with water and air to convert harmful pollutants into organic molecules. Sonax products are available for every field of application ranging from paint-work, rims, engine, interiors, plastics and glass for all types of vehicles.

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