Domestic Cleaning Products in Orrell

Domestic Cleaning Products in OrrellAt Wipe-X, we have a great selection of domestic cleaning products in Orrell at affordable prices. We’ve been in business for more than 30 years, selling a wide range of cleaning products for both domestic and industrial use. Our range includes everything from detergents to feather dusters, wipes, towels and many, many others. With our products, you will be able to clean everything in your kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, hallway, and basically every corner of your home, ensuring that you control allergens such as mold and dust, and that you prevent the spread of any type of infectious disease, by removing germs, soils and other such contaminants.

That is why, for homeowners in Orrell, domestic cleaning products from Wipe-X are a preferred choice. We offer products composed of chemicals that perform well in both hot and cold water, helping customers save money when washing clothes for example. We also sell highly concentrated products, which are more environmentally friendly because they require less packaging, thus generating less waste in the process. Our chlorine-based products are designed to eliminate the germs that lead to seasonal flu outbreaks, and, when used in the kitchen, reduce the odds of foodborne illnesses.

With Wipe-X domestic cleaning products in Orrell, your home will be sparkling in no time. We also offer a vast range of commercial cleaning products, which are ideal for offices, warehouses, store chains, hotels, restaurants and many others. So, why not contact Wipe-X today for all your cleaning needs? Your home, business, or factory will be fully supplied with all of the cleaning products you need. Our offer can be tailored to your specifications, and “subscriptions” can be set up, where we stock up on your cleaning goods of choice ahead of time, in order to ensure that you never run out. This option is particularly appealing to cleaning companies that rely on our products to run their business. As for homeowners, you will always find everything you need to keep your home sparkling and hygienically clean at Wipe-X.

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