Plastic Banding in Ormskirk

Plastic Banding in OrmskirkIf you require essentials like plastic banding in Ormskirk, Wipe-X is dedicated to keeping our customers stocked with what they need.  For over thirty years we have made sure the best cleaning, serving, bathroom and other everyday housekeeping products are available at low prices. For safe packing, shipping or storage, plastic banding is the product you count on to always be there. When supplies get low, notify us and we’ll see that you are resupplied quickly. We make it easy to order safe cleaning solutions, work gloves, bathroom products and dispensers, cleaning cloths, sanitizing products and more. Adding commonly used products that are not industry specific like motor oil, catering supplies and plastic banding makes sense to us and our customers too.

Health and Safety authorities require heavy or odd shaped loads of products be secured for transportation and distribution. For packagers in Ormskirk plastic banding does the job because it’s more cost effective, it’s easy for employees to use, and it can be safely used to secure bundled products without fear of scratching or breaking. Plastic banding is easy to use on boxes and other packaging. Here at Wipe-X we stock Strapex brand plastic banding. The Strapex plastic brand is the leader in plastic strapping and the brand is recognised worldwide. Our mobile dispenser is a stable frame with large wheels for easy mobility and equipped with a coil brake and tool tray. We can also supply the hand tools needed for strapping and cutting.

Keep your shop life simple by depending on Wipe-X for plastic banding in Ormskirk. Order your supplies for cleaning, maintenance, sanitising, and shipping from the same place and never run low on stock. Your manager or inventory clerk will appreciate your choosing Wipe-X as a supplier for plastic banding and other necessary supplies. Our prices will fit your budget and our dependability will avoid all the crisis associated with poorly stocked supply rooms. Contact Wipe-X and give us an estimate of how much plastic banding your shop needs at varying time increments. Add your other supplies to your order and don’t worry about it again until the next time. If you prefer, stop by our store and we can familiarise you with the brands and products we stock.

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