WD40 in Bolton

WD40 in BoltonWhen it comes to cleaning products such as WD40 in Bolton, the best supplier is none other than Wipe-X. For over 30 years, we’ve been providing cleaning products industrial cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment to businesses from our reliable base in Lancashire. Our wide selection of cleaning supplies includes cleaning detergents, paper towels, wipes and for the old-fashioned folk, nice and simple feather dusters. Our wide selection of industrial detergents, general cleaners and industrial cleaners, produced in large size and made to be biodegradable, are of top quality so that your business can be fresh and clean after their use.

Cleaning products need to be easy to use and fast acting. In Bolton, WD40 is just that and so much more. With its ability to cut through dirt and grime and with how fast it dries, it is no wonder it is quite popular with bike owners. Instead of using traditional soap to clean the bike, the WD40 spares you the dread of wearing out your bike fast as using it once a week keeps your bike looking great. Brake disks, calipers and clutches can be maintained at optimum efficiency by cleaning them with the WD40. Applying it before Chain Lube or Wax ensures your chains retain their great performance and its life span. The need to replace it will reduce greatly. Alternatively, using it as a chain lube itself after every ride is ideal for bike maintenance in both the dry and wet conditions. If you want to protect your bike from the elements and from dust, rust, ageing and cracking, nothing does it better than the WD40. It even helps prevent rubber from cracking and gives your bike an irresistible shine.

If you’re convinced and wish to purchase WD40 in Bolton, do not hesitate to contact Wipe-X today. We store products searchable by brand name to suit whatever needs you may have. Whatever your business’s hygiene and health needs, Wipe-x can provide the cleaning supplies you require to ensure your workplace is fresh and clean.

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