AdBlue in Preston

AdBlue in PrestonIf you’re wanting to buy a quantity of AdBlue in Preston for your SCR equipped vehicle, you’ll want to stop in at Wipe-X for a good deal and friendly customer service. SCR stands for Selective Catalytic Reduction. This is technology designed to reduce Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) emissions in response to the European demand in 2005 for a drastic reduction of the noxious gas from diesel exhausts. NOx is composed of poisonous gases that form when diesel fuel reaches high temperatures. So the toxic emissions emanate from any diesel driven engine, on or off-road, that burns diesel fuel. By fitting diesel engine exhausts with SCR technology, up to 90% of NOx is eliminated by converting it into harmless nitrogen and CO2 before it’s exhausted into the atmosphere.

Elimination of 90% of NOx is excellent but we can do more to clean our air of smog and pollutants proven to aggravate asthma. For those who care in Preston, AdBlue is the way to improve on that eliminating even more NOx by converting it into nitrogen and steam. The technology needs to be extended to every diesel engine including farm equipment and turbines. However, the implementation of this environmentally safe technology on heavy load carrying trucks has done wonders to clear the smog in cities. We are proud to stock AdBlue for our customers in quantities from 5 litres to 1000 litre intermediate bulk containers (IBC). The container on your vehicle that mixes the AdBlue into the exhaust before emission may be electric or gravity fed. We supply nozzles and pumps.

We are your first stop for AdBlue in Preston and so much more. Our job is to make sure you have what you need to do your job. Maintenance is our middle name. We have the paper goods, cleaners, oils and additives to keep the place clean with all parts in good working order. Here you will find bags of wipers for all kinds of cleaning jobs and protective gloves to help you with the job. But we can’t forget to do our best to keep our air clean and healthy just as we do our floors and bathrooms. Contact Wipe-X and we’ll tell you more about the difference AdBlue is making in preventing build-up of smog over our cities. Perhaps now those with breathing difficulties can go outside again and those who  are healthy will stay healthy.

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