Protective Hand Wear in Skelmersdale

Protective Hand Wear in SkelmersdaleProtective hand wear in Skelmersdale is included in the duties that employers have concerning the provision and use of personal protective equipment at work. Protective hand wear will protect the user against health of safety risks at work. Gloves protect the hands from contact with corrosive liquids or long immersion in water. This equipment must be provided for employees and they must be trained to use them properly and be informed how to detect and report any faults. The regulations for health and safety have been made to cut down on injuries to workers and to ensure the employers do not lose down time due to preventable problems. Heavy duty gloves are necessary anywhere there is heavy duty work. These Canadian leather gloves are strong and offer extreme protection for the hands.

We stock and supply a large range of gloves as, in Skelmersdale, protective hand wear is important for many companies. Our powder free and latex free gloves are easily put on and help reduce perspiration. Industrial rubber gloves made from natural rubber with textured palm and fingers increase grip and are latex free. These are often used in the cleaning industry to keep hand clean when maintaining areas where there maybe sanitation issues. Dot gloves are used to provide excellent grip in environments where extra grip is needed. They make a considerable difference to productivity and significantly increase safety for the user.

We provide many different products to businesses including protective hand wear in Skelmersdale. Contact Wipe-X today to order all your cleaning products and equipment. We have been providing industrial cleaning supplies for over 30 years and are widely known for our bulk products. We are proud to be able to offer a range of supplies that includes everything you need to keep your place of business hygienically clean and spotless. The range includes brand name products and everyday items you cannot do without like paper towels and wipes. We even supply feather dusters, mops and brooms. Whatever you need when it comes to hygiene and health needs we stock.

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