Ad Blue in Seaforth

Ad Blue in SeaforthAd Blue in Seaforth is one way owners of diesel engine cars and machinery can lower dangerous emissions.The manufacturers are under the gun by Euro 6 to find new ways to reduce harmful emissions but even with new improvements, you may still need the fuel additive Ad Blue, especially for older machinery to keep emissions in a safe zone. Ad Blue is one of the many products we stock at Wipe-X. Our business keeps your business supplied with cleaning supplies, washroom necessities, catering equipment, oils and lubricants, work gloves for everybody and our famous bags of Wipe-X cleaning wipes. We supply all kinds and size of businesses with small amounts of products or large bulk quantities depending on your need. Either way, you’ll save money buying from us.

Ad Blue is a product that is used by auto owners, mechanics and agricultural workers. In Seaforth, Ad Blue is among the latest products known to be effective in cleaning up diesel emissions. It’s a selective catalytic reduction or SCR and Ad Blue is the most commonly used brand. Ad Blue is composed of Urea, a colourless crystalline by-product and water. It is used to remove pollutants like nitrogen oxides and nitrogen dioxide from diesel emissions. At Wipe-X we supply Ad Blue in in quantities as small as 5 litre and up to 1000 litre intermediate bulk containers that are reusable. Nozzles and pumps are also in stock at our store. Choose electric or gravity fed.

Ad Blue in Seaforth is a top brand commercial product as are all the products we stock at Wipe-X. We strive to offer our customers the best products so the job gets done right while still keeping prices as low as possible. We’ve been serving our customers for 30 years. Every effort is made to be a reliable and dependable source for your business needs for cleaning and sanitizing products. Contact Wipe-X or come into our store to see the wide variety of products we stock to make your job easier. Ad Blue is an important product for those needing to meet emissions standards with their vehicles and machinery. It’s easy to use; just add it to your fuel tank and it goes to work neutralising toxic emissions.

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