Commercial Cleaning Products in St Helens

Commercial Cleaning Products in St HelensTop quality  commercial cleaning products in St Helens will help keep your premises sparkling, fresh and hygienic. At Wipe-X we know how important it is to maintain perfect cleanliness in both domestic and commercial properties. However, in commercial properties, the additional aspect of legal liability and government/council regulations have to be considered. If you’re running a restaurant, hotel, coffee-shop, retail outlet, or office, or in charge of janitorial services in a public building, hygiene is top priority. Lack of hygiene can seriously impact your business and also makes you legally responsible for any issues that arise because of this. We have many years of experience in this sector and most of our business comes to us via word of mouth recommendations from long-standing, loyal customers.

Every company or organisation has its own unique cleaning needs. In St Helens, commercial cleaning products have to be chosen according to your needs, preferences and budget. That’s where choosing a supplier like us is the right thing to do – we offer a diverse range of products, from industrial, domestic and nail brushes, to various cleaning liquids, heavy duty scrubbers, dryers, cleaning equipment on hire, wipes and washroom supplies, gloves, and catering cleaning supplies of all types. All our products are available at competitive rates. Though price shouldn’t be the only determining factor when you select products, it certainly makes a difference if you’re getting premium quality at affordable rates. Our expert team can help you to select the right products, suitable for your requirements.

The type of property you have to clean plays a huge role in selecting the right commercial cleaning products in St Helens. For instance, a school and an office have very different kinds of needs. Though some products can be used across all kinds of properties, there may be differences in the quantity and grade. Some areas may need occasional deep-clean, while others have to be thoroughly cleaned every day to meet the hygiene standards laid down by the company or institution. For more information about our commercial cleaning products, contact Wipe-X. However big or small your project, our team can help you select the right products.

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