Oils and Lubricants in Wigan

Oils and Lubricants in WiganWe stock and sell a wide variety of oils and lubricants in Wigan. We have a range of lubricants on offer from various viscosity hydraulic oils to slide way oils.  We supply engine oils in a number of different sizes from 1 litre through 5 and 25 litres up to 205 litre drums.  Each company and business knows what quantities are needed for their unique needs. If we do not stock the item you need we will do our best to find it for you.  We keep a stock of grease which is one of the popular items as most factories or workshops use it. We also stock agricultural and commercial oils in various sizes.

When your company needs to buy supplies in bulk in Wigan, oils and lubricants are just two of the many products we can supply.  We keep a large stock of WD-40 multi use lubricant. This has been on the market for the past 60 years and is still growing in popularity.  It has innumerable uses and a garage or workshop cannot function without it. Even offices need a can or two to loosen the odd bolt or spray on a squeaky chair castor. We stock many more items and supply them at guaranteed competitive prices. You can purchase all your cleaning materials and products from us at the same time.

Oils and lubricants in Wigan are only a small selection of our wide range of products. Contact Wipe-X today to order your supply of high quality oils and lubricants. We have been in the industrial supply business for over 30 years and our experience has led to us stocking the highest quality products at very affordable prices. We also supply a wide selection of cleaning supplies from detergents and paper towels to wipes and washroom supplies.  We also supply a large range of items to the catering cleaning sector and have an inexpensive range of washroom supplies. We have a stock of gloves available for all purposes and stock commercial cleaning products as well as plastic banding and steel strapping. We are also the local Nerta stockists.

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