Domestic Cleaning Products in Leyland

Domestic Cleaning Products in LeylandHave you ever added up how much you spend on domestic cleaning products in Leyland? When you look on your cleaning supply shelf you find multiple products because everything needs its own specialised cleaning product. Maybe you have one or two cleaners for floor cleaning, others for worktops, some for bathtubs, special ones for toilets, dishes, appliances and furniture. Then there is the stock of sponges, scrub brushes and paper towels. Cleaning supplies are taking up more shelf space than food. Some of those products have been around forever because you have found they don’t get the job done. Save storage space for cleaners that work, can be purchased in bulk to save you money and saves you multiple trips to the store.

At Wipe-X, we supply commercial cleaning products proven effective to our customers. You will find in Leyland, domestic cleaning products are also in stock at our store.That’s because the same products are effective for both domestic and commercial cleaning. We stock Astonish products, a brand recognised around the world for quality cleaning. Order what you need and we can deliver them for you at competitive prices. Our products are available in large quantities if you like to stock up or smaller household quantities for space savings. One of our multi surface antibacterial cleaners, a bag of our wipers and a pair of latex free gloves may be all you need for daily maintenance cleaning.

We also stock Kemtec top brand industrial cleaners which can be used as domestic cleaning products in Leyland. One product, Dishguard, effectively cleans hard surfaces, floors and makes an excellent dishwashing solution. It’s one product to keep your whole kitchen clean. The all-round cleaner is also biodegradable so the waste water does not contaminate our groundwater. Come in to our shop or contact Wipe-X and ask about the specific brands and purpose formulated solutions for your home cleaning projects.  You will still get cleaners with lovely lemon or lavender scents to make your home smell clean and fresh. Consider our bathroom antibacterial cleaners and gentle hand soaps. Three or four products may be all you need to keep your home clean, sanitary and sweet smelling.

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