WD40 in St Helens

WD40 in St HelensWD40 in St Helens can be used in thousands of ways. At Wipe-X, we know that a multipurpose cleaner like this is an essential in every home or office. We have many decades’ experience in providing top-quality cleaning products to a diverse range of clients. From our Burscough, Lancashire base, we have been in the forefront of this sector for the last thirty years. Most of our business comes to us via recommendations from satisfied clients. We stock a comprehensive range of cleaning products, ranging from basic brushes and simple feather dusters to advanced cleaning products, detergents and big name branded products. No matter how large or small your requirement, we are glad to help you with it. Keeping your work spaces fresh, hygienic and clean not only safeguards your workforce and visitors, but also boosts your brand image.

The original product WD40 was first formulated in California, nearly sixty years ago. In St Helens, WD40 can be used to clean and maintain almost anything. It prevents rust and corrosion, loosens stuck parts and joints, removes moisture, grime and grease, prevents dust build-up, helps in lubrication and smooth functioning of moving parts in machinery. Most people are intrigued by the name. It stands for Water Displacement and the number 40 as legend has it, represents the persistence of the inventor. He tried many times to formulate the product and succeeded at the fortieth attempt. Though the formula remains a trade secret, the company does clarify that it doesn’t have any harmful or toxic substances like lead, kerosene, and CFCs. The biggest advantage of this product is that though it’s quick drying, the effects last even after evaporation. Rust protection and anti-corrosion ingredients stay on the surface, providing effective safety.

Today, the WD40 in St Helens range includes several more specialist products that can be used to enhance cleaning and maintenance. These products can be used in marine and automobile transportation and various other machines. When you are looking for WD40, contact Wipe-X. Our experienced and knowledgeable team can give you the right advice and assistance on selecting the right product to fit your needs, preferences and budget.

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