Sonax in Leyland

Sonax in LeylandSonax in Leyland is the best car care range of products you could use for your vehicle. Since 1950, Sonax has been one of the pioneers of the development of and manufacture of car care products. These products are perfect for use in all car sectors and types: from small cars to luxury motorhomes, for use in motorsports or the classic car scene as well. Both car fans and experts alike can use them in order to bring about the perfect appearance of your car. Since cars continue to be a constant commodity in today’s household, cleaning them has become part of a weekend routine for many of the owners. You’d want to give your car the best, just as you’d give your body the best.

You can easily find these products at Wipe-X, a company that has been supplying cleaning products in their various capacities for more than 30 years. In Leyland, Sonax is just one of the brand products we are proud to have in stock. We have a range of cleaning products, industrial cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment that will help you keep your place of business or residing clean. From name brand cleaning detergents to paper towels and even feather dusters, you’re bound to find what you’re looking for with us. We stock industrial cleaners that come in large sizes, making it ideal for a catering business and other business that deals with cleaning a large number of entities at one go. We also stock washroom supplies such as hand cleaners, dispensers, perfumed soaps and liquids and even toilet cleaners such as bleach.

Wipe-X is a leading stocker of Sonax in Leyland as well as various oils and lubricants. You can find all the products you need to keep your car in top condition at our store. Contact Wipe-X today and enjoy using top-notch cleaning products and supplies that will have you living in a safe and healthy environment. Safety is important to us. This is why we also have gloves in stock for those with sensitive skin or for those who will be working in various industries.

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