Protective Hand Wear in Burscough

Protective Hand Wear in BurscoughEmployees across multiple sectors may be required to have protective hand wear in Burscough for their own safety. Whether it’s to handle hazardous materials, for protection against sharp or extreme cold or hot items, it’s necessary to follow the rules and regulations. For instance, laboratory attendants have to wear protective hand gear to protect themselves in the event of an acid spill or to prevent contact with chemicals that may harm the skin as well as health in the long run. To ensure your workplace remains safe for your employees, contact Wipe-X for a range of protective hand wear.

We carry a large selection of the best products for your protection and safety. In Burscough, use protective hand wear if you are working in a space that is hazardous. Whether you are in the construction sector or medical or agriculture or Food & Beverage, or any other, you will find the right type of gloves at Wipe-X. For instance, we carry powdered-free and latex free gloves in our stock. These are ideal if you are looking for something that is disposable, easy to wear and will prevent excessive perspiration. We also have industrial rubber gloves for mechanics or industrial use. Besides that, we have a good selection of heavy-duty gloves that are very strong and offer extreme protection. Your safety and that of all your employees should be a priority when you are at work. In a lot of cases, people who injure their hands or fingers at work have not been wearing protective gloves, therefore, it is vital to protect your extremities the best you can. The various gloves that we have in our stock are available at competitive prices when you purchase in bulk.

For quality protective hand wear in Burscough, don’t hesitate to contact Wipe-X. Besides gloves, we also provide our customers with the best cleaning products, industrial supplies, suitable for a wide variety of sectors, as well as items for packing and packaging, oils and lubricants, and washroom supplies. We’ll be happy to provide you with the necessary information.

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