Engine Oils in Parbold

Engine Oils in ParboldChoosing the right engine oils in Parbold keeps machinery and equipment in mint condition. At Wipe-X, we have more than three decades’ experience in providing lubrication solutions, cleaning products, and industrial cleaning equipment to a host of commercial businesses. We are based in Burscough, Lancashire and our client base extends throughout this region and beyond. Our range of cleaning supplies includes consumables like name-brand cleaning detergents, paper towels and wipes to classic feather dusters. No matter how big or small your requirement, we’re glad to be of assistance. We are passionate about supplying premium quality products at affordable rates. Being a local business, we have developed strong ties in the neighbouring communities. Along with this, we take pride in giving our customers access to the best of products, technology and information from global markets around the world.

With most types of vehicles and equipment, the manufacturer provides information on the right type of oil to be used. In Parbold, engine oils affect the engine’s efficiency, performance and longevity. The original equipment manufacturer usually recommends the right viscosity. This is based on the ambient temperature especially the starting temperature for the engine. You also need to get the right quality certification and performance levels. Many smaller businesses may try to cut corners by purchasing lower grade oils, but this could damage the machinery or equipment in the long run. If the machinery is old, or you have purchased a used one or you need to train your staff on the right products to use, it’s important to have the specifications on hand.

There are many different types of engine oils in Parbold for motor vehicles too. They are labelled for specific requirements like high tech engines, new vehicles, older vehicles, high mileage vehicles, off-roaders and SUVs, or energy conserving oils. To find out more about our available engine oils, contact Wipe-X. Apart from traditional oils, today, many synthetic blends are also available. These are made for high-tech automobile engines and are quite expensive. You can also have a range of additives mixed into a base oil to customise your engine oil for increased efficiency and performance.

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