Domestic Cleaning Products in Litherland

Domestic Cleaning Products in LitherlandEvery home needs domestic cleaning products in Litherland to keep it hygienic and fresh. Using products that have been designed for catering companies, schools and hospitals will ensure that you are getting a product that will clean efficiently. You can also purchase these items in smaller sizes that are more suitable for home use. Our brands include efficient but reasonably priced products that will make housekeeping easy. They include detergents and fabric softeners for the laundry as well as dishwashing liquids that can be used in auto dishwashers which are low foam but highly active and are very efficient at cleaning dishes, cutlery as well as pots and pans. Many of the products are antibacterial to make sure your kitchen is hygienically clean.

We can supply a wide range of products to help you keep your home clean. In Litherland, domestic cleaning products are the same as the commercial and catering products just in smaller sized containers.  As our customers are aware we can supply all cleaning products for any company or home. These include rags and wipes made from many materials including towelling, cotton and sheeting. We also supply paper towels and many bathroom cleaners and soaps to ensure the staff and customer bathrooms are sparkling clean and hygienic. Our soap and liquid dispensers are perfectly designed to be attractive and practical. We supply cleaning products to catering companies, hospitals and schools that need to ensure that their utensils and work surfaces are free of anything which could cause illness.

Our domestic cleaning products in Litherland are available in a number of different sizes.  Contact Wipe-X today to arrange for all your cleaning products.  We have been supplying cleaning products and industrial cleaning supplies and equipment to businesses for over 30 years.  Supplying everything to keep your business hygienic and gleaming, we stock brand name goods as well as more reasonable cost-effective items. Our detergents and industrial cleaners come in a number of different sizes.  We have found that this makes it easy for companies of all sizes to purchase the amount most suited to their needs. We accommodate the needs of all catering and industrial businesses.

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