Steel Banding in Bolton

Steel Banding in Boltonou might want to consider steel banding in Bolton if you’re planning on transporting a heavy load.  This specialised product is used to secure items for distribution. Though there are many other materials that can be used to secure the load, like polyester, rubber and nylon, none of them has the most beneficial property of steel banding, such as its tensile strength. It is ideal for use where parts or materials have sharp edges and hard corners that could cut into soft material. Thanks to its rigidity, it makes it ideal for holding loads that are not prone to settling. You also don’t have to worry about it succumbing to damage when exposed to UV rays.

Wipe-X supplies a mobile dispenser 400mm for steel or plastic banding, with large rubber wheels and a stable tube framing. In Bolton, steel banding can be used because of the necessary tools we have in stock to enable you to meet the Health & Safety Authorities in the Transportation of heavy and abnormal loads regulations. We do also provide so much more than that. For more than three decades, we have provided cleaning products, industrial cleaning supplies and cleaning equipment to our customers in the commercial, domestic and industrial sectors. With a wide range of quality industrial detergents as well, all from leading brand names in the industry, we can assist you in keeping your business premises clean.

For steel banding in Bolton, as well as electrical banding tools, plastic banding an all other necessary tools required for banding and cutting, do not hesitate to contact Wipe-X. If you simply wish to have strong cleaning tools and products, we’re more than happy to be of service. We have a range of washroom supplies available, as well as other products such as oils and lubricants, WD-40 and gloves to use in order to keep your hands safe from the abrasive nature of the products.  Don’t hesitate to give us a call if you have any questions regarding steel banding, dispensers and steel strapping tools.

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