Oils and Lubricants in Burscough

Oils and Lubricants in BurscoughWhen you need top-quality oils and lubricants in Burscough, make sure you source them from the specialists. Wipe-X has more than three decades’ experience in the cleaning products sector. We offer high quality domestic and commercial cleaning products, industrial cleaning supplies and equipment to businesses in and around the Lancashire area. We have everything you need to keep your premises spic and span at affordable rates. Our comprehensive range of products also includes premium quality oils and lubricants to keep your vehicles and machinery functioning smoothly. In case we don’t have the product you need on our inventory, we’re glad to find it for you. Our best selling oils and lubricants include hydraulic oils (grade 32 – 46), engine and slide away oils, greases, agricultural and commercial oils. These products are available in bulk quantities ranging from 10 to 205 litres or smaller packs of 5 and 1 litres.

When in Burscough, oils and lubricants supplied by us are manufactured by leading national and international brands. Selecting the right products is crucial for your engine’s maintenance and performance. That’s why it’s essential to consult the instruction manual beforehand. The type of oil or lubricant can also vary with your location – for instance, different products are recommended for very cold or very hot climates. Pressure and internal surface roughness can also change the lubricant’s quality. The product’s viscosity should match your engine’s requirements. The right thickness or viscosity is important to protect your engine parts and using the wrong type could result in expensive damage. Our trained, experienced team can also give you the right advice and assistance. Many user manuals offer alternate products in case the exact recommendation is not available.

Oils and lubricants in Burscough should be chosen with care, because they help hydraulic engines to perform optimally. It’s important to take help from experts if you’re not very familiar with these systems, so contact us today. Dirt and contamination can damage the functioning of the vehicle or machinery, while pouring the wrong product into different sections can cause problems. If the pump or machinery is used outdoors, dirt can enter the exposed parts and affect the functioning.

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